GeoClean is a Friendly and  professional High Performance Pressure Washing Company based in Southport who specialise in the removal of grime, dirt and graffiti from both commercial and private buildings and surfaces.

Driveways | Block Paving | Patios | Decking | Roof Cleaning | Concrete Structures | Graffiti and Paint Removal | Conservatories Cleaned | Fascias, Soffits and Upvc Plastics | Gutter Cleaning | and much more.

Specializing in Driveway cleaning, Conservatory cleaning, Exterior Wall cleaning, Gutters, PVC Facias & Soffit cleaning.

We use the latest high pressure steam cleaning technology available.

DOFF cleans stonework and masonry using high temperature steam.

The steam / superheated water will remove moss, algae, fungi and other biological matter and will also kill off spores.

This means there’s then no need to use a chemical biocide during the removal process or as a protection against further biological activity.

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